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Welcome to Home Brew West

As Irelands Largest homebrew wholesale and retail supplier with over 3500 home brewing products, we brought UK pricing for many homebrew products to Ireland in 2009 and that pricing is here to stay.  Many homebrew products are now much cheaper here than in the UK (e.g. LME, demijohns, homebrew beer kits, home brew wine kits, and much more). As official homebrew wholesale agents for Coopers, Hambleton Bard, The Craft Range, Finlandia, Speidel, Enolandia, Kilner, Rayware and many more in Ireland, we know that home brew technology has been transformed over the last decade: it's now possible to make quality homebrew wine and beer kits at a fraction of the price of shop bought equivalents. Our mission is to show you how to do it successfully, and easily. We continue to regularly launch new quality homebrew brands at superb initial pricing to establish them in Ireland.