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Homebrewing Wine Kits

Largest range of homebrew Wine Kits in Ireland. Make a wine kit in 5 days from as little as €1.00 per bottle, or go for a top quality kit thats ready in 28 to 42 days.

The Australian Blends Pinot Grigio is the best selling home brew wine kit in Ireland (Australian Blend 7 Day New World Style). And no wonder! You can make a very drinkable white wine is just 7 days for about a euro a bottle. Next are the Craft Range kits with oak chips ( The Craft Range Sessions 14 Day Wine Kits, 30 Bottle ), these take a bit longer but produce even better wine.

Highest quality home brew supplies at the best prices. The largest homebrew supplier in Ireland, widest range with over 3500 homebrew products. We are here to help you make top quality homebrew beer and home brewing wine kits at the best possible price. Delivery by courier (Ireland, NI, UK) free over €150.

Welcome to HomeBrew West - Irelands Largest homebrew wholesale and retail supplier with over 3500 homebrewing items in stock

As the largest supplier of Home Brew products in Ireland, we brought UK pricing to Ireland in 2009 and that pricing is here to stay. In fact, many homebrew products are now much cheaper here than in the UK (LME, demijohns, homebrew beer kits, and many other). As the official homebrew wholesale agents for Coopers, Hambleton Bard, The Craft Range, Mangrove Jack's, Finlandia, Brouwland, Speidel, Brupaks, iMake, Kilner, Rayware and many more in Ireland, we know that Home Brew technology has been transformed over the last decade: it's now possible to make quality homebrew wine and beer kits at a fraction of the price of shop bought equivalents. Our mission is to show you how to homebrew successfully, and easily.

€5.25 shipping regardless of weight anywhere in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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As the biggest suppliers of Home Brew in Ireland, we continue to launch new quality homebrew brands, with superb initial pricing to establish them in Ireland.

With over 3500 Homebrew products in stock, we are not only the largest supplier of Home Brew goods in Ireland we are also the best value and most innovative homebrew store in the country. We continue to introduce revolutionary new products, like Ox-Bar PET bottles (Coopers Ox-Bar 24 500ml PET Bottles, better than glass bottles), to enable you to make perfect Homebrew beer kits, wine kits, spirits, and liqueurs. And we continue to bring you new homebrewing technologies to make home brewing easier, like BIB and special taps that fit empty Cantina and Australian Blend wine kit bags, so that you no longer have to bottle wines. All of our own Homebrew starter kits (HomeBrewWest and BrewSmarter) now ship with high quality glass trial jars, and Stevenson Reeves hydrometers. When you shop with us, you know you are getting the best value on ALL our homebrew products.

HomeBrewWest are up to 30% cheaper than other on-line stores in Ireland on many of our products.

Wholesale supply of homebrew to retail customers in Ireland

HBW are agents for all the main home brewing suppliers, so please contact us for optimized homebrew retailer packs and home brew POS materials.


Only €4.95 homebrew delivery Ireland and Northern Ireland
Only €5.25 delivery Ireland, €1.45 Northern Ireland and €6.95 UK. Free over €150 (Ireland and NI only).

Popular Products
The Craft Range beer kits and cider kits are the new kids on the block, and offer superb quality at great prices. We have an amazing promotion on them. To see just how easy bottling should be, look at our YouTube: video. He is using a Craft Range Bottle Tree and a Craft Range Bottle Rinser. When you buy a Craft Range Beer Kit, a Craft Range Cider Kit, or an Australian Blend Wine Kit then you can select bundle options to get fantastic prices on discounted 30 litre Brouwland Buckets, discounted Bottling Bucket with tap and filling stick, discounted Bottle Trees, discounted Bottle Rinsers , and discounted Chemipro Oxi 1Kg.

Coopers HomeBrew Beer starter kitCoopers DIY Beer Kit NEW (with VWP Sterilizer) WIth Oxygen Barrier PET bottles and VWP sterilizer. By far the most popular homebrew beer starter kit in the world. HomeBrewWest provide the only complete Coopers homebrewing starter kit.

Home brew Liquid Malt Extract Ireland

BH Light LME Liquid Malt Extact 1.5 Kg

Another first from HomeBrewWest. Top quality cans of LME at half the price of other brands. Now you can make all malt home brew beers at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Specifications are as follows:
Origin: Northern Europe
Quality: 100% malt extract  (no barley syrup)
Colour (10 % w/v solution): 7 - 15 EBC
Dry matter (refr.): 76 - 80 %
pH (10 % w/v solution):4,8 – 5,5

Perfect as an alternative to sugar for homebrew beer kits. Also ideal for extract brewing.