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Homebrewing Wine Kits

Largest range of homebrew Wine Kits in stock. Make a wine kit in 5 days from as little as €1.00 per bottle, or go for a top quality kit thats ready in 28 to 42 days.

After years of searching, we have finally secured a pure grape juice wine kit, and at unbelievably good value. Sadlers Reserve wine kits will take the wine kit world by storm. Made from pure grape juice, no added sugars, preservatives or colours. Ready in 4 weeks, these wine kits produce top quality wines, comparable or better than kits 3 times the price. For about €2 per bottle, you can now make wines comparable with shop bought wines at 10 times the price.

Make an Italian Amarone homebrew wine kit for about €2.50 a bottle (supermarket prices: €30 - €35). Try our top of the range wine kits. Unless you are have paid a fortune for wines in a store, chances are you will make a better quality wine than you have ever tasted. For €3.50 a bottle, or less. The Cellar Craft Showcase wine kits are top quality homebrew wine kits costing about €4.50 a bottle to make.

Start out with Cantina Quality Fast Fermenting 5-Day wine kits, ready in just 5 days from about €1.00 per bottle, one the UKs best selling homebrew wine kits. Or the Australian Blend 7 Day New World Style wine kits, ready in 7 days: the Pinot Griogio in this range is as good as any of the more expensive ones, and is available at approx €1.00 per bottle.

Then go for something in between: a DOCs 8.5 Kg (D.O.C.s 6.5 L) single varietal grapes, or a Magnum Ultimate Wine Kits, Ready In 14 to 21 Days homebrew wine kit for less than €1.50 a bottle, comparable with €8.00 to €15.00 store bought bottles of wine.

And keep an eye on The Bargain Bucket where there are always great value special offers on homebrew winemaking kits.

Homebrewing Links

Currently, the NHC is probably the best Irish on-line resource for all things homebrewing:, with lots of great discussions and a focus on active homebrewing clubs throught the island. Unlike other boards which are full of biased spammers, you won't get kicked off for speaking your mind. The administrators have a genuine interest in brewing and are neutral and you will get the real deal on homebrewing. Its an active community of brewers where everybody kinda knows everybody else. And they have dedicated threads that allow individuals and suppliers to post offerings and exchange goods etc. Even free delivery throughout Ireland can be organized !

Another great forum is http://www.beoir .org which focuses on homebrewing and speciality commercial beers. They have a "Market Square", and the admins are also neutral, so you will get real unbiased info here too. is a UK "equivalent" and a great resource for info on all things brewing. They too have a "Bargain Bucket", and the admins are also refreshingly neutral, so you will get real info here too. Its just bigger! for all things Coopers. HBW represent them here, so get in touch if there is anything we should be stocking from down under . . . . have only three distributors in the UK and Ireland, including HBW. are represented by HBW in Ireland. is a great resource for all beer brewers. Also represented by HBW (see distributor links). are the biggest homebrew suppliers in Europe. Also represented by HBW (see distributor links). for top end beer brewing equipment. Also represented by HBW (see partner links). for Finlandia kits (homebrew kits represented by HBW in Ireland). for nuts like us at HBW who sometimes overbrew and underexercise. We help these guys out from time to time organizing sporting events. Sean is a real motivator; if you want to have fun getting fit, check them out. They run the "Mooathon" in Donegal on the last Sunday in September, the "Cupid Race" in Phoenix Park on Valentines day, and numerous other fun events throughout the year. Bringing real value to home brew in Ireland


Only €4.95 delivery Ireland and Northern Ireland (€6.95 UK). Free over €150.

Popular Products
The Craft Range beer kits and cider kits are the new kids on the block, and offer superb quality at great prices. We have an amazing promotion on them. To see just how easy bottling should be, look at our YouTube: video. He is using a Craft Range Bottle Tree and a Craft Range Bottle Rinser. When you buy a Craft Range Beer Kit, a Craft Range Cider Kit, or an Australian Blend Wine Kit then you can select bundle options to get fantastic prices on discounted 30 litre Brouwland Buckets, discounted Bottling Bucket with tap and filling stick, discounted Bottle Trees, discounted Bottle Rinsers , and discounted Chemipro Oxi 1Kg.

Coopers DIY Beer Kit NEW (with VWP Sterilizer) WIth Oxygen Barrier PET bottles and VWP sterilizer. By far the most popular homebrew beer starter kit in the world. HomeBrewWest provide the only complete Coopers homebrewing starter kit.

BH Light LME Liquid Malt Extact 1.5 Kg

Another first from HomeBrewWest. Top quality cans of LME at half the price of other brands. Now you can make all malt home brew beers at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Specifications are as follows:
Origin: Northern Europe
Quality: 100% malt extract  (no barley syrup)
Colour (10 % w/v solution): 7 - 15 EBC
Dry matter (refr.): 76 - 80 %
pH (10 % w/v solution):4,8 – 5,5

Perfect as an alternative to sugar for homebrew beer kits. Also ideal for extract brewing.