20 Litre Speidel Braumeister Starter Kit (item: 47071)

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Product description

This Speidel homebrew beer starter kit contains most of the equipment you need to start brewing right away.

It contains:
    20-litre Braumeister
    20-litre stainless steel wort chiller
    Malt mill
    30-litre fermentation vessel
    Outlet tap for fermentation vessel
    Fermentation lock and bung for fermentation vessel
    Large malt shovel
    Brewing package for Koelner beer

The only things missing for a complete starter kit are:
    48 new technology 500ml Ox-Bar bottlles,
    Heating brew belt
    Bottling bucket with tap and filling stick
    Stevenson Reeves hydrometer
    Quality Stevenson Reeves glass trial jar
    Plastic stirring paddle
    Large Liquid Crystal Thermometer (easy to read, 10 oC to 40 oC)
    100 grams VWP Cleaner/Sterilizer
These items can be found here:
BrewSmarter Premium Starter Beer Kit (Best Value)

Also the malt mill in the Speidel kit is fairly basic, here is a much better solution:
Bulldog Malt Mill (Best Value Adjustable Roller Mill By A Mile) PLUS Malt Bucket

We would suggest buying the following as separate items from Speidel:
    20-litre Braumeister
    20-litre stainless steel wort chiller
    Large malt shovel
and then buying the following items from us:
    BrewSmarter Premium Starter Beer Kit (Best Value)
    Adjustable Roller Maltmill BREWFERM including Brewferm bucket
and then buying a beer kit ingredient pack from here:
    Brewferm Malt Kits

Many our our professional customers also buy: Cone Barrel 30 Litre
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