33 L Hambleton Bard Complete Beer/Wine Starter Set

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This boxed starter kit makes a cool low cost present for potential beer or wine makers (it can be used for both). It has a higher quality fermentation bucket that the other kits, and a telescopic de-luxe model syphon containing a tube clip for controlling the flow of beer at bottling time; this is the only syphon that is compatible with the new Mark 4 beer and wine filter.

In summary, this is a low cost kit containing quality components that can be used as a stand alone beer or wine equipment set, and also form the foundation for a more sophisticated set up.

For wine makers, we suggest adding another fermenter (ideally a Better Bottle) for secondary fermentation.

- 33 liter bucket with scale, lid, and bung,
- bubbler airlock, 
- syphon, telescopic de-luxe model including siphon tube clip for controlling flow,
- hydrometer,
- thermometer, thin, Centigrade/Farenheit scale

Does not come with a beer ingredients kit, so you will have to buy one separately; for beginners and experts alike, we would suggest a Coopers beer kit (e.g. the lager) as they are very easy to make, and superb value for money. We suggest you also buy VWP Cleanser 400 grm €4.79 which is perfect for cleaning and sterilizing all of your equipment.

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