Alcotec 24 Turbo Clear

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Product description

Torbo Klar is one of the best products available to clear your wine. It contains two pouches, one of kieselsol and another of chitosan. It works by creating both strong positive and strong negative charges in the wine. This creates larger yeast clumping and faster clearing.

This product may not clear pectin haze, or wine or beer made with hard water (water high in dissolved minerals).

We recommend this product or use with any of our wine ingredient kits, and also with any wine made from concentrates or fresh fruit juices.

Directions: After fermentation is complete, degas the wine by stirring vigorously for 1 minute, then resting. Repeat this process until there is no sign of air bubbles then add Part A and gently stir in for 1 minute. Leave for 1 hour then gently stir and add Part B. Stop stirring after Part B has been added, then allow to settle for 24 hours. Use 1 pack (A + B) per 25 litres.

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