Alcotec 36 Hour Turbo Yeast

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Product description

  • 160g sachet makes 25 litres of alcohol

  • 14% Alcohol in 36 hours or 20% alcohol in 4 days

  • 6kg of sugar required for 14% or 8kg to make 20% alcohol

  • For best results use a carbon and finings to clear the wash (not included)

  • Ferment between 20 and 25 degrees C

With the unique precisely composed nutrition, containing the nitrogen source, pH regulator, trace minerals, vitamins and an anti-foaming agent, it is the perfect yeast compound for creating a high alcohol wash. It has a "dual" use, you can either use it for 20% alcohol in 4 days, or 14% in 36 hours. The alcohol level is simply determined by the amount of sugar you add at start. Alcotec 36 includes mineral absorbents for ultra purity.

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