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Alcotec 48 Dual Turbo Yeast

High alcohol fermentation

Alcotec 48 Turbo Yeast is probably the best selling turbo yeast in the world, and by far the best selling turbo yeast in Ireland. It is based around a "pure" yeast strain which is a temperature tolerant, high alcohol distillers yeast strain. With a unique precisely composed nutrition, containing a nitrogen source, pH regulator, trace minerals, vitamins and even an antifoaming agent, it's the perfect yeast compound for creating high alcohol washes. It has a "dual" use: you can use it for 20% (21% in special circumstances) alcohol in 5 to 6 days, or for 14% in 48 hours (hence the name). The alcohol level is determined by the amount of sugar you add at start. Alcotec turbo 48 includes mineral absorbents for ultra purity. Comes in 135g sachets (243g for Australia/NZ) and it is also available in 25kg sacks for the alcohol industry.

We are wholesale agents in Ireland for all Alcotec turbo yeast homebrew products.

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it was fun to try

following the instructions, 6kg of sugar for 25 litre minimum and 8kg max i believe it was. i think this created a stressful environment for the yeast. it will produce a high alcohol but its dirty so to speak. well, nobody i know can drink the sugar wash , even distilled is bad. a dry sour white wine taste. anyways i tried a spoon full(135g bag here) for a 5liter glass demijohn cider and the results where fantastic. 48 hours too. i'll get it again if i need something in a hurry. but not 21% abv sugar wash like the instructions suggest haha

K***n | Ireland | March 2022