Alcotec Liquid Activated Carbon For 25 Litres (30911)

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Product description

Bag of activated carbon in water, sufficient to clean 25 litres of base spirit.

Add to the spirit and stir, then leave to settle for a couple of days. 

For making homebrew Spirit, Vodka and Moonshine base spirits. 

It helps to remove off tastes and odour, and also keeps yeast in suspension for a better fermentation. 

This is identical to the carbon that comes with Alcotec’s 21% Vodka Kit.

We recommend combing this with Alcotec TurboKlar clearing agent (finings) to achieve the best result. 

As the Irish Alcotec agents, we carry all of their amazing products including their activated carbon granules (Pure Karbon, Spirit Carbon), Turbo Yeasts, Nutrients, Finings, Base Spirit Kits and flavoring Essences.

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