All American All Grain Clones and Gold Medal Winners

What is truly unique about these kits is that they are made using American malts produced under licence from the Colorado Malting Company - the pioneer of craft malts in the USA - by Viking. These include Colorado Honey, Crystal, and Pale Ale malts. In Ireland, HomeBrewWest are the homebrew wholesale agents for Viking malts.

Some are top notch clones of commercial American beers like Sierra Nevada; in many cases the breweries have contributed to the recipes. Other kits have been heavily influenced by gold medal winners in the main USA homebrew competitions. The recipes are all based on 70% efficiency so you should get more wort if you are using a Speidel or a Bulldog Brewer. 

These kits all use Colorado USA malts wherever possible. Where the original recipes use other malts, we use "true to origin" malts too (so for German malts, we also use German malts etc).

These kits ship uncrushed unless you chose the "crush" option which costs a little extra. We strongly recommend that you always use whole grain for freshness and crush it yourself to suit your brewing setup. To promote the use of fresh grain, we often discount Ireland's best selling quality malt mill: Bulldog Malt Mill (Best Value Adjustable Roller Mill By A Mile) PLUS Malt Bucket
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