All American Sessions Cream Ale 4.6% ABV

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This kit is one of the most "sessionable" homebrew beer kits ever created and could get every drinker in Ireland enjoying your homebrew! So make lots of it: it won't last long. A variation of a tried and true US recipe that has stood the test of time. Dry, crisp beer with no noticeable "graininess" and its not too bitter either. Clears up quickly to yield a crystal clear beer with a couple of weeks. Ideal for parties, events, weddings etc. Makes 23 litres (40 pints), based on efficiency of 70%. Makes up to 27 litres on a Bulldog brewer and even more on a Braumeister. It contains:
- over 3 Kg Colorado malt
- over 1 Kg flaked corn and rice,
- Irish moss,
- 1 dry yeast sachet,
- 1 muslin bag.

Target ABV: 4.6% (OG: 1040, FG: 1005)
Target IBU: 14
Target EBC: 6

Suitable for any all grain setup, including the Bulldog Brewer and Speidel Braumeister all-in-one systems. Crush grains with a Bulldog Malt Mill and mash in 20 litres of water at 67 oC for 90 minutes. Mash out at 76 oC and sparge with 9 litres of hot water at 76 oC. Boil for 90 minutes, so bring to a rolling boil, wait 15 minutes and then add hops at times indicated, using the included muslin bags for each hop addition (topping up if wort volume falls below 20 litres, add the Irish moss 15 minutes before end of boil).
Cool to 22 oC and dilute so that the specific gravity is 1.040 (should be 23 litres approx); then pitch the yeast sachet. Ferment at 20 oC for 14 days; its important to keep the temperature as stable as possible. Once hydrometer readings indicate that fermentation is complete, transfer the beer to a Bottling Bucket, add 120 grams of dextrose OR 130 grams of spraymalt OR 1 litre of wort, gently mix and then bottle. Read this article: Priming Beer. Keep bottles warm (above 18 oC) for at least 10 days. Then chill and serve.
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