All In One Brewing Systems For All Grain

Speidel Braumeisters are the Ferarris of brewing systems; these and other Speidel products can be found in these sections: 
Speidel Braumeister
Speidel Braumeister Spares In Stock Galway​​​​​​​
Speidel Cider Making Equipment​​​​​​​

The Bulldog Brewer was the world's first really affordable complete all-grain beer brewing system. The current version in the new Bulldog Master Brewer (see below); its as good as a Grainfather with additional features (anti-scorch, high temp pump and more).

Brouwland's Brew Monk All-In-One Brewing System is the new low cost option, it has a quality pump similar to the Grainfather and the Master Brewer.