Amarillo Hop Pellets 100g Alpha: 9.0% USA 2015 Crop per gm

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Product description

Advantages of hops sold PER GRAM
- allows you to order the precise amount required for your recipe,
- typically about the same price per gram as 100g packs and will usually save you money in the long term,
- fresher than home stored hops,
- no room required in your fridge.

Usage: recipe fullfilment; so if your recipe requires 35 grams, then you can order just 35 grams.

Alphas, description etc: see the 100 gram equivalent.

Packaging: hops sold PER GRAM are packed in clear plactic bags. They should be purchased for a recipe and used relatively soon after delivery.

Freshness: these will typically be much fresher than hops you have previously opened, and then stored away for the next brew; this is because they are freshly packed to order.

Minimum order: 10 grams per hop type.
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