Antiflor 12g (12 by 1 gram Tablets)

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Contents: 12 by 1g tablet with 0.5% iso-thiocyanate, for teating wine volumes between 20 and 200 liters.

When using the product, mustard oil evaporates slowly from an inert very pure paraffin base, saturating the air space above the wine, and thus preventing the development of micro-organisms (molds). Mustard oil is a volatile substance with high antiseptic properties especially with regard to aerobic micro-organisms. Its important to control these micro-organisms because thay can cause a loss of alcoholic content as well as the formation of acetaldehyde, which gives a vinegary smell to the wines affected by flor. Packaging in blister packs of aluminum and plastic laminate ensures unlimited preservation and maintains the effectiveness of the product. By floating on the surface of the liquid, the tablets slowly release the allyl isosulphocyanate which sterilizes the air above it. Sized for use in demi-johns or barrel, and effective for approximately 2 weeks per dose.

APPLICATION: Antifa facility is the ideal product for wine in carboys, barrels, barrels and cisterns, in cases where it is not possible to keep vessels filled, sealed or under inert gas atmosphere.

DOSAGE: Antiflor tablets, one tablet; repeat every 3-4 weeks.

Instructions: Add a tablet and close or seal the jar. Use the product in vessels of less than 20 liters is prohibited.

Sealed Pack: Keep cool, dry and ventilated.

Packing light: carefully resealed the package and keep the product in the same conditions above. Preferably once opened, use quickly.
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