Australian Blend Cabernet Sauvignon With Wood Chip Mix Wine Kit

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Australian Blend Cabernet Sauvignon Homebrew Winemaking Kit With Wood Chip Mix

As per the basic kit, but this one comes with a complex wood chip mix which accelerates the aging process producing a great wine in as little as 10 days. We've been working with customers and the manufacturers for months to perfect this wood chip mix.

Proceed as follows:
Boil two mugs of water in a pot, add the wood chips and simmer for 10 minutes. Proceed as per the normal wine kit instructions, adding the complete pot contents (i.e. water plus wood chips) to the fermenter just after you add the grape concentrate. After a few days in the bottle, the wine will be much better than the normal kit.

Australian Blend Cabernet Sauvignon Homebrew Winemaking Kit

Based on the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, this winemaking kit will produce a rich body red with dark ruby colour and complex tannins, harsh in the beginning but maturing beautifully into a perfectly balanced new world red Cabernet Sauvignon.

Although this kit can be drunk immediately after the 7 days, we recommend storing it for at least a couple of weeks to give the tannins a chance to blend in.

All ingredients you need are in the box, just add water to make 23 litres of delicious new world style Cabernet Sauvignon red wine.

The Australian Blend wine kit range is the most popular in Ireland.

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Dominic Jennings

Summer Wine to enjoy now

Lovely wine ,light and fruity perfect for pre dinner enjoyment probably around the 13% alcohol rating

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