Australian Blend Complete Wine Equipment Kit


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Australian Blend Complete Wine Equipment Kit For 30 Bottle Homebrew Wine Kits

The best value homebrew wine starter equipment kit in Ireland (by far). Designed for Ireland's best selling home brew wine kits: Australian Blends.

This kit contains everything you will need including the ingredients. Make superb wines in as little as 7 days.

This homebrew wine starter kit comes with two large 32 litre fermenters, the first is large enough to accommodate the vigorous foaming that occurs during the early stages of homebrew fermentation, and and the second is ideal for degassing and clearing; bottle filling technology coupled with taps and tubing installed on both fermenters means you don't need a syphon and wine can be transferred between the vessels with much less oxidation.

When the wine is ready for bottling, attach the bottle filling stick and fill the bottles, minimising air contact.

This boxed starter kit contains:
- 2 by graduated 32 litre fermenters and lids, each fitted with: 
  - bubbler airlock and bung, and
  - a tap that fits the tube and is compatible with the bottle filling stick
- bottle filling stick
- 1.75 Metre clear tubing
- 2 by large liquid crystal thermometers (you don't have to open the fermenters to take a temperature reading, and the large LCD thermometers are easy to read)
- Stevenson Reeves hydrometer
- Kilner trial jar or equivalent
- stirring paddle that can also be attached to a drill and used to degas your wine
- 100g VWP cleaner/sterilizer
-  a home brew wine ingredients kit: we highly recommend the Australian Blend Pinot Grigio, which is ready in as little as 7 days (although a few more days in the fermenter will improve quality).

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