Bad Cat Imperial Red 4.7 Kg Beer Kit

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Product description

BB Bad Cat Imperial Red Ale Kit 4.7 Kg

A beer kit such as the Bulldog Brews Bad Cat Imperial Red is a new concept on the home brew market. It hasn't been possible in the past to produce such an extreme beer kit. Due to the recent improvements in dry beer yeasts, it is now possible (but very expensive) to ferment 4.7 kgs of malt extract in a kit, something most standard beer yeast can not handle. The result is stunning. The Bad Cat will take you where no cat or dog has been before. One of the best home brew beer kits.

Imperial red beer kit specs:

Alcohol: 7.5% (vol)
Bitterness: 35-40 EBU
Colour: 30-35 EBC
Net weight: 4.7 kgs
Hop pellets: Amarillo, Willamette

Bad Cat Imperial Red is the first ever Imperial Red beer kit available to home brewers. Full bodied, bursting with malty flavours and powerful fruity and citrus hop aromas from the American Amarillo and Willamette dry hopping.

Everything you need is in the box. No sugar is required, except a small amount for priming after fermentation.
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from Belfast

This is by far the most active brew I've ever done. Ive had to install a blow off tube, as the normal little guys, just can't handle it. It's still going crazy a week in! Can't wait to try this.

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