BB fruit crusher 7L

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Product description

A high quality steel machine for crusing any fruit (without hard stones). This model has a 7L size hopper and can be rested straight on top of a bucket for collecting the crushed fruit.

It is very simple to use. Basic safety instructions are: Don't try to use it without the hopper and keep your hands well away from the crushing mechanism during operation. Maintenance: Wash out with hot water after use and store dry. For long term storage, grease metal surfaces with edible oil.

Safety measures
- Keep hands out of the feeding hopper during operation.
- Never attempt to crush without the hopper.
- Make sure crusher rests firmly on the collection bucket.
Using the crusher
- Fit the driving wheel / crank to the crusher and place the crusher firmly on a suitable collection vessel such as a large plastic bucket, or directly onto a fruit press for further processing.
- Check that you rotate the mechanism the right way, fill the hopper with fruit and start crushing.
NOTE: Not suitable for use with fruit or berries with large stones.
Wash out crusher with hot water and store dry. If not used for some time, grease metal surfaces with edible oil.

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