BB Glass Demijohn 11 Litres (carboy)

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Product description

High quality glass carboys will last forever with proper cleaning and care. Great for beer making or wine making.

DO NOT pour hot water into a carboy, it will shatter.

Move full carboys with extreme caution. And take care washing them too, they can slip from you hands easily.

Compatible with Bubbler Airlock with 1gall Rubber Bung in this section.

We strongly suggest that beginners use plastic fermenters as an alternative to glass. They are less expensive then glass, they don't break and are much lighter.

Also, although we will make every effort to pack glass equipment carefully, we can not be responsible if it gets broken during transport.

If you do opt for a glass carboy, you should look at a degasser in this section to degass wine in the carboy. "Shaking" full glass carboys is really not on (its just too dangerous!), and you can't really stir them enough to degass wine.

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