Better Brew Heat Pad For Fermenters Up To 33 Litres

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Better Brew Flexible Heat Pad For Fermenters Up To 33 Litres

For better temperature control, use with: Timer For Use With Brew Belts, Heating Pads / Trays

Did you know that maintaining your brew at a constant is one of the most important things you should do in order to get a quality outcome; its even more important that the actual fermentation temperature itself (within reason).

This excellent value heat pad is flexible; its 30cm in diameter and is suitable for 5 gallon fermenters, barrels, carboys, buckets, demijohns etc. Perfect for fermenters up to 33 litres .

This flexible Heat Mat goes under your fermenter to keep it warm so that your yeast ferments at the optimum temperature.

Ideal if you need to keep your brew in a spare room, garage / cellar where the temperature is too cool for brewing.

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