BH Gluten Free Light LME Liquid Malt Extract 1.5 Kg

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Product description

Another first for homebrew in Ireland from HomeBrewWest. Top quality gluten free barley malt extract at a fantastic price.

Homebrewwest are the first homebrew store in Ireland to launch gluten free liquid malt extract. This glutenfree liquid malt extract (LME) contain less than 20 ppm gluten. If you make 23 litres of beer with 2 cans (3 Kg), the beer will contain less than 3 ppm gluten.

Colour are taste are unaffected compared to the our popular BH LME so you can simply switch to gluten free malt extract for all your recipes.

Specifications are as follows:

Origin: Europe
Quality: 100% malt extract  (no barley syrup)
Colour (10 % w/v solution): 7 - 15 EBC
Dry matter (refr.): 76 - 80 %
pH (10 % w/v solution):4,8 – 5,5

Perfect as an alternative to sugar for beer kits. Also ideal for gluten free extract brewing.
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