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Correct temperature for fermentation?

So, what’s the best temperature to ferment my beer kit at, or does it make any difference?


  1. Well some say it depends on the particular beer kit, Coopers kits are more tolerant of temperature extremes than others; after all they work in Australia! The new kits tend to have fairly good instructions though.

  2. It depends more on the yeast strain that comes with the beer kit. Coopers use blends of yeasts. Kits that use true lager and pilsner yeasts should be fermented at about 12 to 14 oC but the better kits (Coopers, Craft Range etc) will tell you this. Most traditional homebrew kits use an ale yeast, and these should be fermented at about 19 oC and may take a bit longer than the kit instructions tell you. A key factor is to avoid large temperature variations . . . no yeast like this!

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