Bottles, Swing Tops, Bag In Box (BIB), Vinotainers

All of the bottles here are re-usable. Coopers Ox-Bar bottles are just so convenient, you can feel the bottle to determine when the beer is carbonated. Ox-Bar caps are also reusable. The first time you open an Ox-Bar, a seal cracks open. This can give the impression that the caps are not reusable, but they are! This feature was designed for microbreweries.

The Kilner glass bottles are fantastic value and are dual purpose: they can be capped with a capper, or used as swing tops. This means you can buy the cheaper bottles and then upgrade to swing tops later.

Keep bottles in a warm place (20 to 25 oC) for about 10 days in order to allow secondary fermentation to take place. If bottles are stored at lower temperature, it takes much longer for the beer to carbonate.

With glass bottles, ensure fermentation is complete BEFORE you bottle, particularly with strong beers/ciders/wines; fermentation can take longer than expected. No glass bottle, swing top or otherwise, is safe for homemade champagne.

The new BIB Tap, Screw-on fits the empty wine kit juice bags from the following homebrew wine kits: Cantina, Magnum Ultimate, and DOCS. So keep the empty boxes for storing and dispensing your wine. Genius! These taps also fit the BIB Bag 8L Quad which in turn fit into the wine kit boxes.

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