Braumeister 20 Litres Complete Starter Kit From Day One


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This is the perfect solution for somebody who has little or no brewing equipment and wants the best possible brewing setup from day one. The Braumeister is the Rolls Royce of brewing systems!

Pick from one of the authorized Speidel recipes in the drop down Beer Type menu.

This kit is complete and has all the top quality Speidel components plus a top quality fermenting and bottling solution, with heating belts, timers, and even bottles! It is the only truly complete solution of its kind in the world.

- Braumeister 20 Litres (item: 47070)
- Speidel Stainless Steel Wort Cooler 20 Litre (item: 72899)
- Bulldog Malt Mill (Best Value Adjustable Roller Mill By A Mile) PLUS Malt Bucket
- Thermocollar 20 Litres (item: 77354)
- BrewSmarter Premium Starter Beer Kit (Best Value)
- Speidel 20 litre beer recipe pack

Apart from the Speidel components, the most important piece of equipment is the Bulldog Malt Mill. There isn't much point in spending a lot of money only to be let down by a poor quality grain mill. These mills have coupled twin rollers to create a perfect crush for your Speidel (this is critical) and avoid stress on the grains, thus avoiding tannis in the beer.

The BrewSmarter starter kit has all the other equipment you need and is the only complete equipment kit of its kind on the market. It has essential equipment often overlooked like heating belts and timers, and even has bottles. It comes with a Craft Range Blond Lager kit that allows you to perfect the fermenting and bottling process with a few hours of your time (about 2 weeks elapsed); try this first so that you are confident that your brewing day on the Speidel will follow through with a great beer after the fermentation process.

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