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Brew At Home Extract Kits And Clones

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A range of true clones of worldwide beer styles. Two versions are available: all grain and extract. You will recognise the names below; we have contacted the major breweries but until we get permission to use their brand names, we will continue to use these.

We supply Speidel microbreweries and we originally started this project to facilitate recipe development. To do this we had to get some serious research underway and have studied many publications from grain and equipment manufacturers. These recipes have been derived from the best published sources available, and a lot of research has been done to select the best ones.

This is why it took us so long to come up with these. We didn't take any short cuts. Since these recipes are designed for microbreweries, they are top notch and as true to style as is possible. In many cases, the original breweries contributed to the recipes.

Many of the extract recipies require late additions of precise amounts of LME. The Craft Range LME is perfect for this because in addition be being the best quality malt extract on the market, it also comes in 1.2 and 1.5 Kg pouches. This means we have much better control, and can follow the correct recipe procedures much more closely.

Over recent years hop pellets have largely replaced the use of hop cones, having better storage properties and improved α-acid utilization. These kits all use hop pellets. You should use a simplified version of the whirlpool method, where the wort is stirred in a circular motion to generate a mini-whirlpool to collect the hops and other sediment in the middle of the kettle. Then the wort is sucked out from the side of the sediment with a syphon, or via a tap. Stir the wort vigorously in a circular motion for one to two minutes and then let it rest for a few minutes before transferring the wort. See video here: whirlpool in action.

All of the grains in these recipes are shipped whole by default, but you can chose to have them freshly crushed by us just before they are shipped. Crushed malt is however susceptible to great loss of aroma within a short time, so if you chose the crushed option, use them up quickly! As always, we strongly recommend using whole grain for freshness in which case you will need a quality malt mill so we have provided an excellent solution at low cost: Bulldog Malt Mill (Best Value Adjustable Roller Mill By A Mile) PLUS Malt Bucket. This will give you the freshest and most consistent results possible.