Brew At Home Wine Starter Kit (Without Ingredients)

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Without a wine ingredients kit. This allows you to pick your own wine ingredients kit from a massive range here: Homebrew Wine Kits. We suggst you try this one: Australian Blend Pinot Grigio; its ready to drink in 7 days, is great value and of pretty good quality. Its the perfect wine ingredient kit to start making wine.

This winemaking equipment kit does not contain bottles, but you can collect empty screw top wine bottles while your wine is fermenting, without incurring the cost of buying wine bottles. Or try the new technology Coopers Ox-Bar 24 500ml PET Bottles (better than glass bottles); they are very cost effective,and can be reused over and over.

- 32 litre quality PP food grade primary fermenter, graduated
- 32 litre quality PP food grade secondary fermenter
- quality Stevenson Reeves hydrometer
- large easy to read liquid crystal thermometer
- bubbler airlock plus grommet
- stirring paddle
- 100g VWP Steriliser
- quality Kilner siphon

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