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At last, an affordable temperature control solution that actually works. Another first from HomeBrewWest.

Did you know that maintaining your brew at a constant is one of the most important things you should do in order to get a quality outcome; its even more important that the actual fermentation temperature itself (within reason).

This solution works. Simply push down the black segments evenly so that you get a constant temperature. Pushing them all down will turn the belt on 100%, while pushing every second one down will turn the belt on 50% etc. (see the timer instructions below).

Things that don't work:
The instructions on most brew belts that ask you to move the belt up and down DO NOT work. Moving the belt up to reduce heating effect is utter madness: it simply creates a thermocline (a hot layer on top) that will destroy your brew. Heating pads don't work either (without a timer) since there is no way to control the temperature.

You can get away without a heating brewbelt if you can place your brew in an environment with a constant temperature of about 22 oC. Some people use the hot press; it can work if the hot water tank is insulated, and if you monitor the temperature carefully; the danger is that the temperature will rise above 26 oC. Coopers and Craft Range beer kit yeasts can survive up to 30 oC or more, but other yeasts will die and the brew will be destroyed.

It can be used on any 5 gallon vessel 25 to 33 litre fermenters):
- bin, barrel, or
- 2 demijohns etc.

Easy and economical to use, fitted with 240v UK mains plug.

Timer instructions:
1). Insert the timer into the required socket outlet, and then plug the brew belt to be controlled into this timer.
2). Push down the black segments on the timer face corresponding to the desired operating time. (One segment = 15 minutes)
3). Turn the disk clockwise, following the direction of the arrows, until the grey marker is pointing at the current time.
4). To activate the timer function ensure that the switch on the side is down and so indicating the timer symbol.
5). For manual override, to disable the timer function, move switch to the up position and thus covering the timer symbol.
6). The LED indicator will illuminate to show power to the timer socket outlet, when it is in operation. Maximum load=13A (3120W)

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