Brewferm Hop Sensations And Natural Sensations

A revelation in home-brewing, Brouwland have developed 10 different Brewferm Sensations to tailor your beer to your taste and perfect your brew.

Hop Sensation is a 100% natural concentrated hop extract to instantly emulate a dry hop effect and Natural Sensation is a concentrated fruit or herb aroma. Just add to young beer before bottling. Discover the 5 different Hop Sensations, and 5 Natural Sensations.

These innovative, natural products have a constant quality and are very easy to use. They guarantee consistent batches, regardless of hop or fruit harvest.

For a finishing touch or an intense flavour effect, add the sensation of your choice prior to bottling to get the desired result. Need inspiration? Download this Brewferm Sensation Guide to take your beer kit, malt kit or own recipe to the next level!
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Viewing 1 — 8 of 8 items | Page 1 of 1