Brewferm Malt Extract Dark 1.5 Kg

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Maltextract Liquid Brewferm Dark 1,5 Kg 
Liquid Malt Extract Dark 55 EBC

Brewferm Liquid Dark Malt Extract is a highly concentrated unhopped liquid (80%) extract of barley malt, used for homebrew extract brewing and the "mini mash" method. It can also be used to replace malt in recipes (use 75 % of the specified quantity) and as a replacement for sugar (replace 50 - 100 % of the sugar by 125 % malt extract). See our FAQ section for the relative contributions of malts and sugars, and how to work out how much to use. See also below. 

So, what exactly is malt extract? 
Its essentially a concentrated extract of a malted barley mash. The mashing process has already been performed and then the resulting "wort" is concentrated by evaporation. If you brew beer with malt extract, you don't have to do any mashing; simply boil the wort and add hops. Many home brewers in North America use this method because of its convenience (the mini mash method). 1 kilo of liquid barley malt extract does not contain as much fermentable sugar as 1 kilo of spray dried malt extract powder (spraymalt). Malt extract powder (spraymalt) is hygroscopic, which means that it attracts moisture and hardens into a toffee like material, so you need to be kept it dry and cool. Packs that have been opened should be resealed, removing as much air as possible. 

Malt extract is also commonly used to make a yeast starter: dissolve 100 grams of dry malt extract powder (or 125 grams of liquid malt extract) in 800 ml water and boil it for 5 minutes to sterilize; then allow it to cool to about 20 to 25 °C and pour into a sterile Erlenmeyer flask or bottle equipped with an airlock. Then add the yeast and wait for about 12 hours. 

1 kg malt extract powder = 1.60 kg barley malt (grain)
1 kg barley malt (grain) = 0.62 kg malt extract powder
1 kg liquid malt extract = 0.80 kg malt extract powder
1 kg liquid malt extract = 1.30 kg barley malt (grain) 
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