Brewferm Syphonless Traditional Starter Kit With Bottling Bucket, Caps And Capper (Best Value)

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By far the best value "traditional" beer starter kit on the market;  "Traditional" means fermenting in one vessel, and then transferring to another vessel where priming sugar is added before bottling. Pros are that you save on the cost of Carbonation Drops, and have more control of carbonation. Cons used to be that you used syphons which contaminate and oxidise your beer; not any more because the fermenter has a tap and a tube to transfer the beer to a bottling bucket; which also has a tap and a special filling stick that plugs into the tap. All designed to make life easy and avoid oxidation.

Comes with:
- 2 by 30 litre Brewferm fermenting buckets,
- 2 by taps,
- a tube to move beer from fementing bin to bottling bucklet while minimising air contact,
- bottle filling stick (fits tap on bottling bucket),
- airlock, bung and cap,
- quality Stevenson Reeves hydrometer,
- quality glass trial jar,
- large liquid crystal thermometer,
- stirring paddle,
- bottle brush,
- twin lever capper,
- 100 crown caps,
- 100 grams VWP Cleaner/Sterilizer.

For easy bottle filling, the kit comes with a bottle filling stick. No more nightmares with syphons spilling beer everywhere.

All you need in addition to this kit is a beer kit, and somewhere reasonably warm to brew your beer (ideally 20 oC to 22 oC). Don't let it get above 27 oC or your beer will begin to suffer.

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