BrewSmarter Beer Starter Kit (Without A Beer Kit)

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BrewSmarter Beer Starter Kit (Without A Beer Kit)

Best value home brewing kit on the market. Identical to the BrewSmarter Beer Starter Kit, but without a beer ingredients kit. This allows you to pick your own beer ingredients kit.

Embracing technology has made brewing quality beer much easier and enjoyable. This starter kit makes the whole process really simple and mess free. And its incredibly cost effective too!

Comes with additional free upgrades:
- 30 litre quality Brewferm PP fermenter,
- quality Stevenson Reeves hydrometer,
- Kilner trial jar (the slightly larger diameter minimizes surface tension effects, giving more accurate hydrometer readings), and
- large easy to read liquid crystal thermometer, full range 10 to 40 oC (required for true lagers and pilsners),

This kit allows you to brew without opening the fermenter; keeping air away from your brew. You no longer have to wash and sterilize thermometers and hydrometers every time you need to take a reading. To take a temperature reading, just read the liquid crystal thermometer. To take a hydrometer reading, just open the tap and fill the trial jar.

For easy bottle filling, the kit comes with a bottle filling mechanism: just push the bottle up, and when full, lower it - the flow of beer automatically stops. No more nightmares with syphons spilling beer everywhere.

Comes with 100 grams VWP Cleaner/Sterilizer, the best. And a bubbler airlock. Its all quality components.

It does not contain bottles, but ordinary plastic bottles will work and you can collect these while your brew is fermenting without incurring the cost of buying special bottles. Try the new technology Coopers Ox-Bar 24 500ml PET Bottles (better than glass bottles); they are very cost effective and will result in a better quality brew.


Fermenter with lid, grommet, and bubbler airlock,

Bottle filling system

Stevenson Reeves hydrometer

Kilner trial jar

Plastic stirring spoon

Large Liquid Crystal thermometer (full range 10 to 40 oC, easy to read)

100 grams VWP cleaner/sterilizer

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