BrewSmarter Bottle Rinser / Sterilizer (Fits BrewSmarter Complete 80 Bottle Tree)

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Product description

Homebrewing Bottle Rinser / Sterilizer

The easy way to sterilize bottles. Fill the bowl with sterlising solution, place bottle on the plunger and push. The sterilising solution squirts up and covers the inside of the bottle.

Ideal for disinfecting bottles, just before bottling.

Works with VWP and all sterilizers.

Ideal for no rinse sterilisers such as Chemipro Oxi because bottles can then be placed directly on a bottle tree to drain.

Works standalone on a bench, but also fits on top of the BrewSmarter Complete 80 Bottle Tree.

The mechanism is slightly larger than other bottle rinsers so it fits beer and wine bottles and also Coppers OxBar bottles.

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