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BrewSmarter Premium Beer Starter Kit (Best Value)

BrewSmarter Premium Beer Starter Kit

If you really want the top of the range beer equipment starter kit, then this is the one for you. This complete homebrew beer equipment starter kit comes with all the materials you need to brew your beers at home starting with beer kits. Its the best value and most complete home brewing kit on the market. 

Now with an upgrade option to Craft Range kits (the best quality and value beers in Ireland); we want your first homebrewing experience to be a success . . . its better business for us. The MasterPint kits are a bit easier to make though and the Coopers kits are almost bullet proof, so you might be better starting off with one of these. 

Its the only really complete starter beer kit. Its a BrewSmarter starter kit with special Ox-Bar bottles and a heating brew belt. In other words, its got absolutely everything you will ever need to make homebrew beer at any time of the year (brew belts are essential in all but the hot summer months in order to keep your fermenting beer at the correct temperature).

Comes with Coopers PET bottles: all the advantages of glass bottles, but with the convenience of screw caps. You can also "feel" the bottle to see when its ready (carbonated). 

Embracing new technology has made brewing beer so much easier and enjoyable! This starter kit really makes the whole process so simple and mess free. And its incredibly cost effective too!

Comes with additional free upgrades:
- 27 litre quality PP fermenter,
- quality Stevenson Reeves hydrometer,
- quality Stevenson Reeves glass trial jar (the slightly larger diameter minimizes surface tension effects, giving more accurate hydrometer readings), and
- large easy to read liquid crystal thermometer, full range 10 to 40 oC (required for true lagers and pilsners),

This kit allows you to brew without opening the fermenter; keeping air away from your brew. You no longer have to wash and sterilize thermometers and hydrometers every time you need to take a reading. To take a temperature reading, just read the liquid crystal thermometer. To take a hydrometer reading, just open the tap and fill the trial jar.

For easy bottle filling, the kit comes with a bottle filling mechanism: just push the bottle up, and when full, lower it - the flow of beer automatically stops. No more nightmares with syphons spilling beer everywhere.

And it contains a quality Stevenson Reeves hydrometer, and a Stevenson Reeves glass trial jar, which can be filled without opening the fermenter. Again, no messing around.

Comes with 100 grams VWP Cleaner/Sterilizer, the best. And a bubbler airlock. 

Also contains brewing sugar (Glucose / Dextrose Monohydrate) to improve the quality of your home brew beer (unless you selected a Craft Range all malt kit which does not require brewing sugar), and Coopers Carbonation Drops to make bottling your homebrew beer a breeze.

48 Coopers 500ml PET bottles
- h
eating brew belt
- fermenter with lid, grommet and bubbler airlock
- b
ottle filling system
- S
tevenson Reeves hydrometer
- S
tevenson Reeves glass trial jar
- l
arge stirring spoon
- large Liquid Crystal Thermometer (easy to read, 10 oC to 40 oC)
- 1
00 grams VWP Cleaner/Sterilizer
- homebrew beer kit, including yeast plus 1 Kg brewing sugar
- Craft Range Beer Kit (quality kit, does not require additional brewing sugar)
- 1 pack of Coopers Carbonation Drops, use one carbonation drop per 500 ml bottle (not included with the Craft Range kit which doesn't require them).

Special tip: (applies to all beer and wine kits): before you add the yeast, make sure the temperature is not too high. If the temperature drops below the recommended range, fermentation essentially slows down. But if it gets too high, the yeast can be damaged and the beer ruined. For best results, fermentation temperature should be kept constant and steady. 

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This purchase was my first dive into homebrewing. I love it, this kit has (nearly) everything you will ever need. Definitely add the rinser and the discounted bottling bucket, it saves messing with scoops of sugar and carb drops on bottling day.

It is a complete kit, but in the long run I would recommend adding a bottle tree, a VIK capper and plenty of spare caps. Its worth considering that if you buy a craft range beer kit, you can add discounted bottle trees, free bottle tree upgrades and free bottle rinsers

Also with adding the bottling bucket, the order will be over 99 euro so don't forget to add your free gift

Charles Duffy | Annagry | April 2018