BrewSmarter Premium Wine Starter Kit

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This is a top of the range wine equipment kit, capable of making the very best quality wines. Primary fermentation is performed in a 30 litre fermenter with lots of head space to avoid overflowing and the resulting infections. Seconday fermentation, stabilizing, and clearing are all done in 2 top quality BPA free 23 litre Brewferm PET carboys. The lower volume of the carboys reduces oxidation during the ageing process, which may take weeks or even months.

Transfer between vessels is done using the syphon, and the syphon can be attached to the bottle filling stick to simplify the bottling process. This kit covers every angle of quality winemaking, and includes key equipment often overlooked in the more cost effective solutions. For exanmple, it includes a degasser which attaches to an electric drill. Once you have used it, you will wonder how degassing could ever be done without it!

The kit contains:
- 1 by graduated 30 litre fermenter with lid, airlock and bung
- 2 by Brouwland PET Carboy 23 Litres
- 1 by bung and airlock for PET Carboy
- heating belt
- WHIP Must Mixer / Degasser
- syphon
- bottle filling stick
- 3 by large liquid crystal thermometers (you don't have to open the fermenters to take a temperature reading, and the large LCD thermometers are very easy to read)
- Stevenson Reeves hydrometer
- quality glass trial jar
- stirring paddle
- 100g VWP cleaner/sterilizer

This kit does not come with a wine ingredients kit, so you will have to buy one separately. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend the Australian Blends Grigio, ready in 7 days. Its a very good idea to make a 7 day low cost wine kit as you will gain experience with the winemaking process, and this reduces the risk of destroying a much more expensive wine kit and possible losing months of your valuable time!

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