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Another first: quality wine making without a syphon.

Comes with free upgrades:
- quality Stevenson Reeves hydrometer,
- laboratory quality glass trial jar,
- large easy to read liquid crystal thermometer, full range 10 to 40 oC, and
- a new stirring paddle that can be attached to a drill and used to degas your wine.

Syphoning is messy, prone to infection, difficult to control, moves sediment, and can introduce air into your wine. All very bad for the wine.

Here's the problem: some wine ingredient kits require racking (moving wine from one container to another) to be performed once, and others require racking twice, three times or more. So, if your wine making equipment has fermenters, or a fermenter and carboys, it can be hard to figure out which vessel the wine will be in at bottling time. And you have to use a syphon to move it from one vessel to another. Your wine will fare much better after primary fermentation if it is moved to smaller vessels with less air head space. But which vessel is it going to be? The best solution is a large primary fermenter (25 L or 33 L capacity), and two smaller fermenters (23 L capacity), fitted with quality taps that are compatible with bottle fillers. But, at three times the cost of this kit (or more), it would require a rather large budget.

The solution: bottle filling technology coupled with taps and tubing installed on two 25 L fermenters. The perfect compromise.

Wine is moved from one to the other by simply attaching the tube to the tap in one fermenter, placing the other end of the tube in the other fermenter,and opening the tap. This is much easier than using a syphon, is much more controllable, and introduces little or no air and sediment into your wine.

When wine is ready for bottling, just attach the bottle filling stick and fill the bottles, minimising air contact (both fermenters are compatible with the bottle filling stick).

This boxed starter kit contains:
- 2 by graduated 25 litre fermenters and lids, each fitted with: 
  - bubbler airlock and bung, and
  - a tap that fits the tube and is compatible with the bottle filling stick
- bottle filling stick
- 1.75 M PVC tubing,
- 2 by large liquid crystal thermometers (you don't have to open the fermenters to take a temperature reading, and the large LCD thermometers are easy to read)
- Stevenson Reeves hydrometer
- quality glass trial jar
- stirring paddle that can also be attached to a drill and used to degas your wine
- 100g VWP cleaner/sterilizer

Does not come with a wine ingredients kit, so you will have to buy one separately. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend the Australian Blend Pinot Grigio, ready in 7 days!

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