Brouwland Calibration Solution For pH 7.01 100 ml from Brouwland

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Brouwland Vinoferm Calibration Solution for pH 7.01 100 ml
A genuine Brouwland packed product

What exactly is pH? 
pH gives an indication of the amount of free hydrogen ions in a solution. The pH of pure water is 7.0. Acidic liquids have more hydrogen ions and their pH is then less than 7. With base or alkaline liquids, the opposite is true and the pH is higher than 7. The total pH scale is from 1 to 14. 

What about using pH instead of acidity in homebrew winemaking? 
They are different. For wine, the acidity is usually a measure of the amount acid in your wine/ grapejuice and is quoted in grams of tartaric acid per litre.  To get a measurement, you would need a special solution (e.g. Vinoferm® blue indicator). Howeever you can still use pH with the blue indicator: instead of adding drops of blue indicator until the colour turns blue, addit until a pH of 7.00 is obtained. This is actually more accurate and gives a better reading for red juices and other musts. Using a mix of pH measurements, blue indicator and an automatic burette is the best solution for accurate acidity measurement.
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