Brouwland Carboy Cap

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Product description

Carboy Cap
A genuine Brouwland product.

A silicon rubber cap with 2 sealable vents for sealing homebrew carboys / fermenters. Fits our PET carboys and standard glass demijohns from 10 to 34 litres (with narrow necks, not the wide next versions). 

Usage ideas
- fitting a single airlock,
- fitting an airlock to one vent and an aeration hose in the other vent,
- airlock plus stirring paddle,
- airlock plus thermometer, 
- airlock plus rod to facilitate dry hoping in a mesh bag,
- after fermentation: fit a siphon tube to one vent and use the other one to pressurise the vessel and force the beer or wine out. 

It is made from flexible silicon rubber and seals hermetically, its a great alternative to a rubber bung with a hole. 

You can also move the fermenting vessel around without removing the airlock: simple remove the cap from the second vent to allow air in and out. 
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