Brouwland The Keggle Bag

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The Keggle Bag
A genuine Brouwland product. 

The keggle bag a simple cost effective fabric filter for home brewers to start all-grain brewing using the Brew in a Bag technique. The "Brew in a Bag" method uses just 1 boiler, no need for a second boiler, filter bottoms etc. So it saves time, space and money. The Keggle Bag is a perfect fit for a standard 50 litre keg. 

- easy to clean (hand-wash with warm water and dishwashing soap, then rinse with clear water and hang to drip-dry),
- strong bag that can be used over and over again, 
- has strong polypropylene straps for easy lifting using a hook or pulley,
- can also be used as a hop boiling bag, 
- the seams are on the outside so that no particles remain in the bag, 
- made from 100% polyester,
- 28 cm diameter by 58 cm high,
- available in 4 versions suitable for Brewferm® homebrew kettles (25, 27, 35, 50 litres).

Note: after the bag is filled with malt, and touches the bottom of the keg, you should not increase the temperature by direct heating since this can cause the bag to burn or melt.

- use a finer crush to increase the contact surface, accelerating the enzymatic activity, giving in a higher yield,
- sparging isn't required with the "Brew in a Bag" method.

Here is a brief description of how to "Brew in a Bag": Brew In A Bag Instructions
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