Brouwland Vintage Quality PET Carboy 23 Litres With Bung And Airlock

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Product description

Demijohn PET 23 litres
These amazing new top quality Brouwland PET carboys have thick walls, and are BPA free. They are perfect for both primary and secondary fermentation of wine and beer, and can also be used for bulk aging. They are safe to reuse over and over as long as they are properly cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.

This carboy comes with a quality D55/47 conical grey rubber bung which fits in the neck of the container, and a bubbler airlock which fits in the bung.

    - Completely taste and odour free and stain resistant
    - No side-wall ribs to collect yeast or sediment
   -  Easy to clean inside and out
   -  Impermeable to oxygen
    - Opening diameter: 48 mm, fits rubber and silicone stoppers
   -  Individually packed in a box
   -  Diameter: 27.50 cm
   -  Height: 49 cm 
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