Brouwland Wine Cork Synthetic 38 mm 30 Pack

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Wine cork synthetic 38mm 30 pcs
Brouwland synthetic corks have a natural cork colour, consistent density, and no taste or smell.  You can store homebrew wine with these corks for up to 8 years! This has been made possible by the use of high quality thermoplastic elastomers (fully meeting current EU guidelines and American FDA requirements). Hundreds of commercial wine makers and breweries are using these corks. 

- length 38 mm
- diameter 22 mm
- storage time 8 years
- no cork taste (no TCA) or other flavour
- no crumbling of the cork
- no cork dust
- no leakage
- no dehydration and therefore a better and longer preservation of wine or beer flavours
- simple application
- does not break when uncorking the bottle.
- your bottles can be stored vertically, horizontally or upside down without any problems
- easy to uncork
- no absorption of wine or beer in the cork
- attractive price/quality ratio
- easy to place back in the bottle after uncorking
- 100% Recyclable
- the beer and champagne cork models are inserted like the classic champagne corks and can resist a pressure of up to12 bar

-  leave a gap of 15 to 20 mm between the cork and the liquid

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