Bulldog Finishing Hop Teabags

Better Brew Hop Pellets For Homebrew Beer:
- 12 grams of T90 type hop pellets packed in a teabag which is then sealed hermetically inside a barrier foil bag using nitrogen flush packaging.
- Finishing hops
- Teabag technology
- Easy Use

- Open carefully, remove hop bag (do not open or tear the teabag).
- Soak in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes.
- Pour cup including the hop bag into your brew before adding the yeast.
- Mix well, add yeast.
- Leave hop bag in the brew during fermentation.

Brand new from Hambleton Bard, these finishing Hops contain 12 grams of the freshest selected hop pellets and are packed in an infusion bag ready for use.

Finishing hops add freshness (aroma and bitterness) to beer kits.

As a rough guide to selecting a finishing hop, use the following:
BB Saaz ----lager, pilsner
BB Fuggles ---English ale/ IPA / stouts
BB Goldings --- English ale/ IPA / stouts
BB Challenger ---Classic English Ale/IPA
BB Hallertauer Hersbrucker ----Lager/Weizen
BB East Kent Goldings ---Enlgish Ale / stouts
BB Progress --- Like Fuggles, so same types of beer
BB Target --- Ales
BB Williamette  -- APA fuggles like but with US typical fruit notes.

For a description of the actual teabag hops, along with a list of possible substitute pellets and details of:
- Alpha acid %
- Beta acid %
- Co-humulone (% of alpha acids)
see: Bulldog Hop Pellets
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Viewing 1 — 47 of 47 items | Page 1 of 1