Professional cider making equpment from Speidel can be found here:
Speidel Cider Making Equipment

Home made cider can be make from apples when they are is season, or from homebrew Cider Kits. The Cider Making Equipment And Ingredients section contains an extensive range of great value equipment and ingredients for cider making.

The Craft Range Cider Kits range are by far the most popular, superb quality, and great value. The Craft Range Cider kits are self contained and do not need any additional sugar. However, the other cider kits may require the additional of brewing sugar; the Other Cider Kits section contains great value bundles (Cider Kits plus any additional ingredients required to make them).

To see just how easy bottling your cider should should be, have a look at our bottling video on YouTube: Bottling Made Easy. He is using a Craft Range Bottle Tree and a Craft Range Rinser. If you use these with Chemipro OXI, then you don't even have to rinse the bottles! When you buy a Craft Range home brew kit, you can select bundle options to get all of these at close to a third of the normal price.