Coopers Brewmaster Irish Stout 1.7kg Beer Kit


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Coopers Brewmaster Irish Stout 1.7 Kg Homebrew Beer

A rich, dark brew with coffee, chocolate and liqorice aromatics, and roasty bitter notes with a dry finish.

Coopers Irish Stout is an true to style kit containing a blend of malted barley, roasted barley, flaked barley and hops. The pour will exhibit a turbulent and cascading tan foaming action, settling into a creamy beige coloured head that sits on top of the beer.

Colour: 1650 EBC
Bitterness: 560 IBU

Ingredients Bundle Recommended By Coopers: Coopers Brew Enhancer 3 (1 Kg)

Ingredients Bundle Recommended By HomeBrewWest): Coopers Malt Extract Light 1.5kg (we use just 1 Kg).

Who can drink it?
Palates reserved for nothing but the finest.

When to drink?
Most drinks should be enjoyed with good company and this is no exception. However, a quiet moment alone with a warming glass of this Irish Stout is really precious.

How To Brew?
For best results according to Coopers, add Coopers Brew Enhancer 3 (1 Kg)

Alternates are:
- add 
Coopers Malt Extract Light 1.5kg
This alternate is our favourite way at HomeBrewWest to make this stout, resulting in one of the best stouts we have ever brewed. Use just 2 thirds of the can: 1 Kg.

Always prime bottles with: Coopers Carbonation Drops

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