Coopers DIY Beer Kit NEW (with VWP Sterilizer)


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Coopers DIY Beer Kit

Now with VWP, the best Cleaner/Sterilizer (not included worldwide in Coopers equipment because of different international regulations on chemicals). Another first from HomeBrewWest.

The new DIY Beer Kit includes everything needed to make 23 litres of great tasting beer - a patented fermenter that makes brewing even easier and quicker, an easy to read plastic hydrometer specifically made for beer, plus an Instructional DVD ROM to answer all your brewing questions.

And a free upgrade to any Coopers beer kit, we want your first homebrewing experience to be a sucess . . . its better business for us.

Probably the most popular beer starter kit in the world, developed by the Coopers brewery in Australia. Coopers are the only brewery making homebrew kits; these kits are by far most popular homebrew kits in the world today.

Everything needed (except a can-opener) to brew beer is available in a box that fits easily into the kitchen cupboard.

Full instructions can be viewed on-line at

Also included in the kit is a detailed instructional booklet and accompanying DVD, ensuring that even the most novice brewer can be confident of getting it right, first time.

The Coopers homebrewing DVDs are well worth watching. They can be found on You Tube, just search for "Coopers DIY Beer Kit".

Kit Contents

1 x NEW Patented Fermenting Vessel, Krausen Kollar & Tap
1 x Little Bottler, Bottling Valve & Tube
1 x Coopers Brew Enhancer 1
1 x Carbonation Drops
1 x Adhesive Thermometer Strip
1 x Instructional DVD
1 x NEW Durable Hydrometer & Measuring Flask
30 x 740ml PET Bottles & Caps
1 x Plastic Spoon
1 x Brewers Log Card Instruction Card
1 x Erasable Marker
1 x 1.7kg Can Coopers Lager / Canadian Blonde

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