Coopers International European Lager 1.7kg Beer Kit


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Product description

Coopers International European Lager Homebrew Beer

Coopers European Lager captures the style of the finest quality lagers from Northern Europe. Should be served well chilled in a tall, narrow glass with a generous head of 5 cm or so to savour the herbaceous hop aroma and crisp finish.

Colour: 90 EBC
Bitterness  340 IBU

Who can drink it?
You don’t have to hail from the home of lager to appreciate it.

When to drink?
Serve chilled in a tall, narrow glass with a generous 5cm head and drink in the herbaceous hop aroma. Store for 12 weeks in the bottle prior to drinking.

How To Brew?
Coopers recommend you brew this beer kit with: Coopers Brew Enhancer 3 (1 Kg)

Our bundle options are often more cost effective and yield similar (or better) results to the Coopers recommended ones; the option we recommend for this beer is: The Craft Range Brew Enhancer LME 1.2 Kg (its the best quality liquid malt extract out there). 

Always prime bottles withCoopers Carbonation Drops

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