Coopers Original Ginger Beer 0.98 Kg Beer Kit

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Product description

Coopers Original Ginger Homebrew Beer

A thirst quenching, traditional bevy with a hint of spice and plenty of bite. A kilo of brewing sugar makes it alcoholic or priming sugar (Coopers Carbonation Drops) in the bottles only for the non-alcoholic variety.

Weight - 980g, Makes 20 litres.

Ingredients Bundle Recommended By Coopers (alcoholic): Brewing Sugar

For the non alcoholic version: Just add Coopers Carbonation Drops at bottling time. 

Who can drink it?

The kids and Nana will love the non-alcoholic version while the rest of the family tuck into the other. Just don’t get them mixed up.

When to drink?

Spice up a wintry day or refreshing at the height of summer.

Weight - 980g, Makes 20 litres.

How To Brew?

For best results, add 1 Kg Brewing Sugar (Glucose/Dextrose Monohydrate) for the alcoholic version, no sugar for the non-alcoholic variety.

Prime bottles with Coopers Carbonation Drops.

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