Coopers Recipe Of The Month (ROTM) CLONES

Please note that these are NOT the original Coopers versions, and will be withdrawn as soon as the original versions become available in Ireland / UK.

As Ireland's Coopers agents, we are delighted to bring you the Coopers step-by-step DIY Beer recipes. Until now, these have not been available in Europe. They include Coopers Recipe Of The Month (ROTM) Beer Kits. Grab them while you can, because we can't guarantee availability of previous month's kits. As you'd expect from Coopers, these are amazing kits!

Most of these are identical to the Coopers Australian recipes, but where ingredients are not readily available in Europe, so have been working with Coopers to select the closest alternatives.

The higher ABV kits get very expensive when using Coopers ingredients, so we sometimes offer cheaper European alternatives in addition to the Coopers original packs.

These can be made with standard beer kit equipment. Where hop pellets are included, Coopers recommend using a muslin bag, so we've included one for you in these packs; make sure to boil the muslin bag for at least 3 minutes before use in order to sterilize it.

Since these kits change regularly, we do include printed instructions with them. Instead, the instructions are part of the kit descriptions here, so print them if you are going to brew without Internet access.