Craft Range 50 Bottle Tree / Drainer (Fits Craft Range Bottle Rinser / Sterilizer)

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Homebrew Craft Range Bottle Drainer For 50 Bottles

Fully compatible with the Craft Range Bottle Rinser / Sterilizer which fits neatly on top of the drainer. The combination of the 2 makes bottling a breeze. For draining washed and sterilized bottles.

50 bottles is plenty for wine makers (usually 30 bottles), and beer makers using 500 ml bottles (by far the most popular size). lt can be enlarged (up to 90 bottles) using extra threaded components.

To see just how easy bottling should be, have a look at our video on YouTube: video.

Don't be fooled by cheaper versions: this one screws together for extra strength and stability. This is important if you are going to place lots of glass bottles on it.
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