Craft Range Cider Kits

The Craft Range had only one target: make the best quality cider kits in the world.

That's a very big challenge! So how did they go about it? Firstly, they evaluated dozens of apple juice producers, and picked the ones best suited to making cider kits. Secondly they spent years developing a revolutionaly new cider yeast strain; it does not produce those horrible aromas and flavours abundant in other cider kits.

The end result . . . we will let you be the judge of that! One thing we can say with confidence though: if you try these kits, you will never go back to any other cider kit.

So what about value? We get these kits directly from the manufacturer, cutting out middlemen. This has resulted in fantastic pricing, up to 25% below what it would otherwise be. The best cider kits in the world have just become affordable.

All Craft Range kits are complete, they do not require any additional ingredients.

To see just how easy bottling should be, have a look at our bottling video on YouTube: Bottling Made Easy. He is using a Craft Range Bottle Tree and a Craft Range Rinser. If you use these with Chemipro OXI or
Starsan, then you don't even have to rinse the bottles! When you buy a Craft Range kit, you can select bundle options to get all of these at close to a third of the normal price.
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Viewing 1 — 2 of 2 items | Page 1 of 1