Craft Range Homebrew Wine Corks 45x24mm Quality Natural Pack of 30

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Craft Range Homebrew Wine Corks 38x24mm Quality Natural Pack of 30

Not to be confused with cheap homebrew corks which can have so many holes in them that the wine runs through the cork! These are true quality natural corks, and are expensive but are often the best choice for bottling top quality wines. Its got to do with the balance of oxygen transfer and oxidation protection to achieve the perfect maturation without oxidation. Made from the best quality "Quercus suber". 

Height: 45 mm
Diameter: 24 mm

All Craft Range corks are siliconised, so there is no need to soak. If you really want to sterilize them, simple soak them for a few minutes in a lukewarm solution of equal amounts of sulphite and citric acid, and then dry them with a clean cloth. 
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