Craft Range Ice Cool Apple Cider Kit 3.4 Kg - Discounted Basic Packaging

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Product description

The most refreshing Apple Cider kit ever! Pour over ice.

The kit comes with 2.2 Kg of concentrated apple juice, and 1 Kg dextrose. The dextrose is required to keep the cider refreshing and light.

Most ciders include artificial sweeteners. Craft Range sweetener (acesulfame K) is included as a separate sachet; this allows you chose how much (if any) you would like to use. We have found that:
- no sweetener is far too dry (almost bitter), and
- all of the sweetener is far too sweet.
So use about half the sweetener for the perfect result (better than shop bought).

Craft Range ciders use a revolutionaly new yeast which gets rid of those horrible aromas and flavours found in other ciders.
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